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Simple Ghee Khakhra Simple Ghee Spicy Khakhra Simple Fenugreek Khakhra Special Nylon Ghee Spicy Khakhra
Special Nylon Ghee Fenugreek Khakhra Special Mangroli Khakhra Math Khakhra Math pulses khakhra
Green bean pepper khakhra Chick peas khakhra Low Diet Simple Khakhra Punjabi spices khakhra
Mathiya khakhra Chinese khakhra Manchurian khakhra Mint khakhra
Square Nan khakhra Biscuit spicy khakhra Special pepper and coriander khakhra Special green gram khakhra
Low Diet Fenugreek Khakhra Low Diet Spicy Khakhra Sp.B.P.Khakhra Fudina Khakhra
Soyabean Khakhra Onion Khakhra Garlic Khakhra Sp.Jav Khakhra
Sp.Mungadi Khakhra Chaurafari khakhra Pizza khakhra Cheese khakhra
Puffed Bengal gram khakhra Nylon butter khakhra Bengali cumin seeds khakhra Bhajipav khakhra
Carom and cumin khakhra Onion khakhra Popcorn khakhra Chinese garlic khakhra
Biscuit fenugreek khakhra Soyabean khakhra Tomato khakhra Kutchi bhakri khakhra
Chat biscuit khakhra Biscuit fenugreek khakhra Biscuit fenugreek khakhra Low Diet Spicy Khakhra
Special green gram khakhra Special bitter gourd khakhra Special diabetes khakhra Special B.P. khakhra
Quality Khakhra Including Low Diet Khakhra, Garlic Khakhra, Mini Khakhra, Methi Khakhra etc. Namkeens and Snacks Including Sev, Phulwadi, Kachori, Gathiya, Spicy Sev etc. Roasted Snacks Include Mixtures, Navratna Mix, Roasted Potato Snacks etc. Our Range of Papads Include Pepper Papad, Spicy Papad, Garlic Papad, Disco Papad etc. Pickles Include Mango Pickle, Amla Murabba, Carrot Pickle, Red Chilli Pickle and Many More Indian Pickles. Gujarati Snacks Include Chakri, Handvo, Bhakharvadi, Shakarpara, Instant Mixes etc. Sweets Include Halwasan, Sutarpheni, Sukhadi, Chikki etc. Khakhras, Papads, Panipuri, Papads, Instant Mixes etc.
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